On 23 May 2014 the British Geological Survey published a report summarising their review of the potential for oil and gas in the Jurassic shale rocks of the Weald Basin. This Basin stretches from Salisbury, Wiltshire in the west to Ashford, Kent in the east and down to the south coast.

The principal conclusion is that ‘No significant shale gas resource is recognised in the Jurassic of the Weald Basin’ although some gas has been generated in association with oil generation. Oil is generated at lower temperatures than gas. The report gives a median estimate of 4.4 billion barrels of oil in place in the shale rocks. However, much of the ‘oil’ may be physically associated with kerogen, rather than present in pore spaces in the rock, and so be unavailable for release by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). The concentration of oil is said to be low in comparison to shale oil producing areas in North America, so it may be that only limited amounts of shale within the Jurassic of the Weald Basin have any potential to produce oil in commercial quantities. So far no estimate has been made of the actual amount of oil which it might be technically feasible to extract.