What do you want to protect from our changing climate?

Maybe it's a place close to your heart that's at risk of flooding. 

Perhaps it's a person you've met on your travels. 

Or it may simply be the world that your children will inherit. 

No matter who we are, we're all affected by climate change. And it's the poorest and most vulnerable around the world suffering the most. 

Thanks to Christian Aid for giving us the link to this video:

Christian Aid

What do you love?... Thousands of people have shared what they love... chocolate, wildlife, family . You can share yours too.

We'll be using the power of love for the world to call on David Cameron to show leadership ahead of global climate change talks in New York on September 23. 

Your photos and messages will form part of a huge installation in London on Sunday, September 21, part of a global day of action from New York to Delhi to Melbourne. 

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