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One of WinACC's Built Environment and Transport Group visited the exhibition of the developer's proposals for building an extra care home on the Chesil Street car park. Here is his personal reaction: 

Mysteriously the solar panels face any direction but south.

Suggestions about diverting most traffic along the old railway line have been completely ignored. 

It reminded me of Birmingham redevelopment in the sixties (most of which has had to be replaced).

The exhibition included background material about the context but the proposals completely ignored it, and one panel said they had chosen to do so.

There seem to be only two elements in the design: straight lines and right angles. The result of this is that the building sits uncomfortably against Chesil Street, has nasty little litter traps, masquerading as sitting out areas, and reflects in no way the subtle curves of Chesil Street, or the scale/form of the buildings opposite. It actively destroys the sense of ‘street’. ...