The Great Waste starts March 2015 

It will help prevent waste and increase the levels of recycling in the Winchester District - something dear to many people's hearts - and will make a significant impact on the area's carbon footprint. Events will be running from March 2015 to  April 2016 and we need lots of volunteers to help us. 

Look at the list below - what grabs you? Do you have expertise on one or more of these areas that you could offer us? Or could you lend a strong pair of hands and positive attitude at one of the events?

The Exhibition in the Discovery Centre

Hundreds of wonderful objects made from waste will be on display in the City Space along with ancient archaeological waste. The exhibition will be challenging and exciting - stimulating people to act. A collaborative art project will  grow over the six weeks and people will be able to make their own useful objects in the maker space. 

The Workshops

Making useful things from waste or discarded materials. We will running group workshops and drop-in events for families. 

The Talks

Thought-provoking talks in a cafe environment about our relationship with stuff. We hope to film these so that people can view and use them later. 

The Performance

A play written and performed by University of Winchester students challenging our perception of waste. 

The Design competitions

People of all ages designing useful and beautiful objects from waste, competing for top prizes. 

Swap & Swish events

We want to organize hundreds of  events where people bring, take and swap clothes and household items all around the district. 

Contact Susie at WinACC to find out more information, sign up to help or get involved. 01962 827083 or