Inspired by WinACC's open meeting in February, one of our members wrote this list of ideas  from his own experience.


Seventeen Small Things You Can Do To Make A Big Change In Saving Your Planet –

And You Won’t Even Notice! 

1. Turn your TV off, not on standby.

2. Holiday in the UK, not abroad.

3. Use public transport once a week, rather than your car.

4. Buy food with less packaging, or no packaging.

5. Buy local food and produce.

6. It’s OK to eat food with “sell by” two or three days after it expires.

7. Always bring your own bag while shopping.

8. Get the supermarket to change to a re-useable bag, not buy new one.

9. Buy only what you need, not what you want.

10. Or buy what you really, really, really want, not just want.

11. Just light the room you’re in, then turn off.

12. Only heat the room you’re in, then turn off.

13. If you’re cold, put more clothes on, and invest in hat and gloves.

14. Buy second-hand, not new.

15. Have a clearout and give to charity, so others can make the same changes too.

16. Boil a kettle when washing up, not keep water hot.

17. Turn your heating down by one degree. You won’t notice the change. And if you want to, make it two.