WinACC responded to the Climate Coalition invitation to go to Parliament to celebrate and speak up for all the things we love that could be lost to climate change on 17 June 2015. An unforgettable day of climate action and the first chance to talk with our newly-elected MPs as the UK prepares for crucial international climate negotiations in December 2015.

What, where and when?

9.000  people came to London to meet over 300 MPs in person and ask them to commit to taking strong action on climate change, for the love of all we hold dear – from our families to our food and our futures. The lobby line started outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, and snaked over Lambeth Bridge and along the Embankment on the other side.

WinACC was in the queue with lots of other people from Winchester - the WI, the Quakers, Christian Aid and more. And six represenatives met MPs Steve Brine and George Hollingbery in the House of Commons. What they said is in our press release, or here is the fuller text. And Steve Brine emailed one of our supporters  who couldn't be at the lobby with a link to his weblog: "... I was delighted to meet with WinACC representatives in the House of Commons on Wednesday 17th June. ... you can take a look at a web story I published afterwards "

There is still time to send the MPs your own message about what you love - the "Speak Up" website has a direct links  or you can write to We will post messages, and all the postcards that we collected, to the MPs - one at a time, so they get counted individually in the MP's postbag!
WinACC got onto the news on Radio Solent  - here's the link if you want to listen: 17/06/2015, Louisa Hannan - BBC Radio Solent 49'30" into the programme
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 The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. Across the UK, the coalition is made up of over 100 organisations representing 11 million people, including Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Quaker Peace and Social Witness, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Jewish Social Action Forum, Population Matters, Tearfund, Sustrans, UNISON, WWF, Women’s Institute, and of course WinACC.


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