For the love of our planet we’ve all gathered here

To tell the polluters the message is clear:

Enough is enough, the waiting is through,

The time is for action, starting with you.


For the love of our planet we started with us:

Instead of a car, we now take the bus.

Use less water, reuse bags, turn off unused lights,

Buy stuff with less packaging and cut down on flights.


For the love of our planet we can do our stuff,

But as individuals it isn’t enough.

We need the polluters, the biggest of all,

To cut down emissions so carbon can fall.


For the love of our planet they need to agree,

From each politician to each dignitary;

Voters and government both care a lot!

Because twenty-fifteen is the real year dot:


For the love of our planet this must be changed;

This summit is where the new deals are arranged.

The summits before just talked about danger

Paris will be the real game changer.     


For the love of our planet all they did was talk

But precious little action, no walking the walk.

This year change really has to begin,

So this time next year, we’ll be starting to win.


For the love of our planet, which we hold dear,

We just can’t wait until this time next year.

So delegates and supporters now is your chance,

To make world history at the conference in France.


Rupert Marks 

© Winchester Action on Climate Change 2015

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