Singing and poetry can raise our spirits. 

  • WinACC member Rupert Marks has written a poem  "For the love of our planet", calling on action at Paris (we need a tune it fits)
  • WinACC member Bob Whitmarsh has written a poem "A new politican is running DECC", criticising the policy changes from Amber Rudd in May-July 2015. The poem can be sung. to the tune of Country Gardens (the tune can be heard on youtube).

We'd love a few people to prepare songs for 29 November.

Can you sing our poems? or rap this rap? or sing the song on this video "What can we do about global warming" (to the tune of "drunken sailor")?

Let us know if you could join our small choir - email text 07779 283451 or ring Chris on 01962 827083.