You can often save a significant amount of energy and money by replacing old appliances.

For example a new energy saving washing machine could save a third of the energy compared to your old one and replacing a 15 year old fridge-freezer could cut your electricity bill by 10%.

Energy ratings

New appliances come with an energy rating to help you select the most efficient model.  Ratings run from A+++ (best performers) to D (worst), with the exception of TVs which run from A-G.  Try to aim for the highest-rated model you can afford as it will save you in the long run. 

Top tips on using appliances

Always use full loads with dishwashers and washing machines and select Eco or low temperature washes for all but the toughest jobs.

Where possible, dry clothes outside or on a clothes horse in an upstairs room, rather than using a tumble dryer.  Even towels can dry indoors in the space of an afternoon with a desk fan pointed at them and the window left open a notch.

Defrost meals overnight in the fridge to save energy and use bubble wrap to fill unused shelf space.


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