A Free Ride is a group of fellow travellers who care about fairness, nature and leaving behind a world that future generations can thrive in. Their campaign is for a fairer way to fly.

An open letter, published in the Observer on 21st June 2015 at their launch, opposed plans for a new runway at either Heathrow or Gatwick calling for a third option: no new runway at either airport. The letter stated that  ‘this growth in flights is driven by air fares that are kept artificially low through generous tax subsidies; aviation is exempt from fuel duty by international treaty and zero rated for VAT alongside wheelchairs and baby clothes.’ As the richest in society are the most frequent flyers, they are the biggest beneficiaries of these tax breaks with 15% of the UK population are taking 70% of all our flights.

A Free Ride is calling to replace Air Passenger Duty with a ‘frequent flyer levy’ that taxes travellers according to how often they fly, shifting the burden away from families flying to their one annual holiday and onto the frequent flyers who are driving expansion.

According to the organisation, ‘this 'polluter pays' approach would enable the UK to meet our climate targets without making flying the preserve of the rich - and without needing to build any new runways.’

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