Climate Home reported on 4 July:

Climate sceptics are taking advantage of the confusion caused by the EU referendum to attack the UK’s low carbon policy. The Global Warming Policy Forum, a think tank founded by Leave backer Lord Lawson, is hosting an event in the House of Lords on Monday evening [4 July]. Legal professor David Campbell is set to argue the government should scrap the carbon budget for 2028-32 it approved last Thursday."

Climate Home pubished an excellent immediate summary, with links, of the implications of Brexit for the global climate. They send useful weekly updates - see, for example,  their latest news on 1 July, and news of what UN climate chief  is saying to UK: ‘Stay calm and transform on’.

The UK has no policies in place to meet more than half of the carbon emission cuts required by law by 2030 according to the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) annual progress report on 30 June 2016, the same day ministers committed to the carbon budget target

More analysis from website Energy Climate Intelligence Unit identifies six key issues, and their predictions for the likely conclusions.

Carbon Brief give Brexit: 94 unanswered questions for climate and energy policy. 

‘The UK in a Changing Europe’ website describes itself as the authoritative source for independent research on UK-EU relations.

Their document: ‘The EU Referendum and the UK Environment: An Expert Review’ and its associated ‘Executive Summary provides a rigorous academic analysis of the environmental effects of EU membership since 1973 and then reviews what might happen in the event of a vote to Remain or Leave (and now the leave scenario is a reality). The document covers:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Climate Policy
  • Energy Policy
  • Agricultural Policy
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Land Use Planning
  • International Policy
  • National Government
  • Domestic Law and Legal Procedures
  • Parliament and Politicians
  • Environmental Groups
  • Reforming EU Policy
  • Environmental Quality
  • Future Scenarios