WRAP (the waste and resource action charity) has published an action plan supportd by Government to tackle food waste collection from households in the UK. 

They want to work with local authorities and food waste processors to improve the capture, supply and quality of household and commercial food waste. This plan contains actions to

  • Increase the amount of food waste collected;
  • Provide long term sustainable feedstocks for the AD and IVC sectors; and
  • Share the costs and benefits of collecting and recycling food waste.

The WinACC Waste Action Group welcomes this action plan and the tools it contains including:

  • cost benefit tools for local authorities to assess the cost effectiveness and business case for food waste collections and 
  • the WRAP kerbside costing tool. 
47% of local authorities in the UK already collect domestic food waste and recycle it.  This action plan will encourage more authorities to follow suit. 
Download the full action plan and view the overview video.