Over 500 adults voted in the Pollution Poll in the Cathedral close on 2 October 2016. Everyone could vote for two choices out of eight possible ways to make the air cleaner in Winchester town centre - or they could vote for "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me".

97% of over 1000 votes were in favour of doing something.

Two of the eight options got the support of over half of the votes:

  • Restrict vehicle access to the town centre (only residents, taxis, disability and delivery vehicles) (298 votes)
  • More pedestrian areas in the town centre (265 votes)

The third most popular choice was:

  • A bigger difference between parking charges – raise charges to park in the centre, and cut charges to use Park-and-Ride (205 votes)

Three other options scored much less:

  • More electric vehicle charging points (83)
  • Charge companies if their staff park in town (a workplace levy) (83)
  • Pay to drive into the town centre at peak times (a congestion charge) (75)

And very unpopular was:

  • Pay more for residents' parking permits (5)

Bar chart of responses

The polling had different colours to show the categories of voters (i.e. whether local or not, how often they came to town), but there wasn’t much difference between different categories of voter. Tourists were more likely to say they weren't worried about pollution in Winchester; and people who work in town were less likely to vote for a workplace levy.

See spreadsheet of votes by category of voter.

People were also invited to give their own ideas - see the complete list of suggestions.