The Home Energy Advice team have been busy this autumn, going out and about giving support and help on how to reduce energy bills and the amount of energy used around homes. 

We have put together three case studies to show what can be done to make homes warmer and keep costs down. On average after a free visit from our energy adviser, people saved £215 per year on their bills. 

  • One couple on a  prepayment meter found they could save over £350 per year by switching to a standard credit meter. They were also advised to sign up for the Priority Services Register to get additional support aimed at more vulnerable energy users.
  • By switching to a supplier with zero standing charge, a client on low income was able to save around £120 per year.
  • A saving of £175 per year was made by another client when she signed up to a dual fuel tariff with a smaller supplier.

If you or somebody you know is suffering from a cold home or high energy bills, give us a call 01962 827083 and we can give free help and advice. 


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