Almost 300 adults voted in the Pollution Poll in Winchester High St on busy shopping Saturday 26 November 2016. This was the second time WinACC had asked people to say what they would like Winchester City Council to do about air pollution, and the results are very similar to last time. 

Everyone could vote for two choices out of eight possible ways to make the air cleaner in Winchester town centre - or they could vote for "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me".

99% of votes were in favour of doing something.

Just like last time, the top four options were:

  • Restrict vehicle access to the town centre (only residents, taxis, disability and delivery vehicles) (168 votes)
  • More pedestrian areas in the town centre (128)
  • A bigger difference between parking charges – raise charges to park in the centre, and cut charges to use Park-and-Ride (88)
  • More electric vehicle charging points (80)

The next two options were in the opposite order as before. They were:

  • Pay to drive into the town centre at peak times (a congestion charge) (53)
  • Charge companies if their staff park in town (a workplace levy) (49)

The least popular option was:

  • Pay more for residents' parking permits (12)

Yet even this scored higher than "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me", which got only 7 votes - so it did even worse than last time.

We attach a table of the votes on 26 November, of votes for both polls combined, and a pie chart for both dates.

This bar chart shows that the spread of votes didn't change significantly between the two dates.

The polling had different colours to show the categories of voters (isuch as whether they were local or not, how often they came to town). There wasn’t much difference between different categories of voter, either this poll or in the previous one. See bar chart of votes by category of voter for both polls combined.

People were also invited to give their own ideas

Find out about Winchester Friends of the Earth demonstration on air pollution in Winchester on 11 December 2016.

See report from the pollution poll on 2 October 2016.