On 5 May 2017, the Government published its draft Air Quality Plan "Tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities: A consultation". It sets out steps the UK Government "proposes to take to improve air quality in our towns and cities".

The key documents include:

There had been suggestions that a diesel scrappage scheme would be included but it says only that it could be an option. WinACC's view is that we must reduce the number of miles driven, regardless of whether they are fuelled by petrol or diesel. Clean Air Zones feature prominently in the draft plan 

The consultation runs for six weeks to midnight on 15 June 2017. WinACC wil be responding. If you have suggestions about what should go in our response, please email BREATHE@WinACC.org.uk by 5 June.

The Government lists the questions it wants people to address, which include

 1. How satisfied are you that the proposed measures set out in this consultation will address the problem of nitrogen dioxide as quickly as possible?

2. What factors should local authorities consider when assessing impacts of a Clean Air Zone on businesses?

3. Are there other measures which could be implemented at a local level, represent value for money, and that could have a direct and rapid impact on air quality? 

4. How best can governments work with local communities to monitor local interventions and evaluate their impact? 

5. Do you have any other comments on the draft UK Air Quality Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide?

The Government says it will will publish a summary of responses by 31 July 2017 alongside a final UK Air Quality Plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide.

The Government's bid to delay publications of the air quality plan until end of June - after the general election - was rejected by the High Court (more about the case on the FT website).