WinACC ran our pollution poll at the Hat Fair on Sunday 2 July 2017 to ask people what they want done about air pollution in Winchester. 

More than half of the people voted to restrict vehicle access to the town centre to essential vehicles only (such as disability and delivery) and to create more pedestrian areas. 

Next, chosen by over a third of voters, was "Making a bigger difference between parking charges - raise charges to park in the centre, and cut charges to use park-and-ride".

1310 people have now voted in three polls on different occasions: Cathedral harvest weekend 2016, pre-Christmas Saturday high street shopping, and the Hat Fair.

The results are a reliable indication of public opinion. They reveal high levels of concern and are a solid basis for further action by the City Council when they review the impact of their new Area Quality Action Plan later this year. 

graph of poll results

Combining the three polls, only 2% of votes were for doing nothing. 

There was no significant difference in views across the three polls. There was also no significant difference between the choices of people who live in or near the city centre, those who live further away, people who work in Winchester and tourists.

WinACC is giving the results and all the data to the City Council and the County Council, along with all the suggestions from people who chose to give their own ideas instead of voting for an option.

Results of the 2017 Hat Fair Poll

Just like both the previous polls, the top four options were:

  • Restrict vehicle access to the town centre (only residents, taxis, disability and delivery vehicles) (270  votes)
  • More pedestrian areas in the town centre (266)
  • More electric vehicle charging points (168) - the first time this has got more votes than parkng charge differentials
  • A bigger difference between parking charges – raise charges to park in the centre, and cut charges to use Park-and-Ride (156)

The next two options were in the same order as the first poll:

  • Charge companies if their staff park in town (a workplace levy) (72)
  • Pay to drive into the town centre at peak times (a congestion charge) (45)

The least popular option was:

  • Pay more for residents' parking permits (9)

Yet even this scored higher than "Keep things as they are - pollution isn't a worry for me", which got only 7 votes, proportionately less than before.

Results combined from all three polls

Results of second poll 26 November 2016

Results of the first pollution poll on 2 October 2016