Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council are working on an overall strategy for moving in and around Winchester town and the immediately surrounding area.

People who live in, work in, or visit Winchester are asked to give their views by 8 December.

The Councils say: ”The time is right to review progress and set a new overall direction for movement in Winchester”. They are aiming for an agreed vision and long term goals for the next 20 to 30 years, to provide a framework for detailed proposals.

The Councils suggest the three aims below, and invite people to suggest more or different priorities:

  • supporting growth and economic vibrancy
  • improving air quality
  • achieving the right balance between different types of traffic

They emphasise: “At this early stage in the process no firm decisions have been made. Please consider our suggested priorities, and also make suggestions of your own. We want to make sure that everyone who moves in and around Winchester has the chance to put their ideas forward.”

WinACC’s Built Environment and Transport Action Group is preparing a briefing with suggestions of things you might want to say. Do send your ideas to us at transport@winacc.org.uk.

The principles behind the WinACC response are likely to be:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use less energy, and replace fossil fuel with renewable power
  • improve health – not just Air Quality -  including quality of life
  • improve quality of open spaces and the “public realm”
  • encourage low carbon living - streets should be for people to interact
  • maximise efficient access and reduce congestion
  • prioritise – in this order – walking, cycling, public transport, with private vehicle access last
  • economic growth is not our aim, though our changes will lead to a stronger economy - the most vibrant city centres are those that reduce car use.

See Council documents: