Saturday, 4 May 2013 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
Hampshire Energy Group (HEG) is currently an unincorporated association which aims to become a co-op. HEG hopes to negotiate an agreement with EDF for partial community ownership of the wind farm at Bullington Cross, if it is agreed, and to initiate and support other community energy projects in Hampshire. Robert Hutchison, chair of HEG, will introduce the aims and work of the Group.  Find out what is going on, how your community could benefit, and how you can get involved.

Like all WinACC's Saturday morning free open meetings, this will be informal, participative, and friendly. An ideal way for new people to meet like-minded people and find out what's going on in Winchester district.

WinACC's regular Saturday meetings discuss important policy issues and create an energising sense of common purpose. Every meeting has a slot for news and ideas from anyone who is acting locally on climate change, and updates from groups active in the villages or working on topics such as the built environment, food, renewable energy and transport.

Refreshments at 10 am.