WinACC wants to see much more generation of renewable energy in Winchester District to help reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. So our starting point is to support proposals in principle, though we recognise that each scheme will have disadvantages as well as advantages.  We will always judge each proposal on its merits. 

We will argue for all schemes to have benefit for the wider community, e.g. ones which are community-led, or business-led with shares to individuals or communities.

On behalf of Winchester District Strategic Partnership, WinACC commissioned a detailed report on realistic renewable energy options in the district. This is the basis for our current work. We issued a press release on the report in June 2012.

WinACC's work on large-scale renewable energy generation is led by our Renewable Energy Action Group. To find out more about the group, email

WinACC's open meeting on Sat 9 June 2012 discussed renewable energy and community involvement. See the presentation and the notes from the discussion.

In partnership with the University of Winchester, WinACC held a conference on 17 July 2012. More details here.