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This revised and updated report brings together the ideas of representatives of Winchester district town and parish councils from two seminars in April and October 2009, and a Defra/ACRE report published April 2010. Click here to request a copy of the Winchester report.

Parish and Town Council seminar “Climate Change – the opportunity” 23 April 2009
Winchester District Strategic Partnership  aims to reduce Winchester’s carbon emissions by 20% by 2012 and 30% by 2015. These are the minimum reductions which scientists believe are required to keep global warming below 2%. If warming increases above 2%, it is likely to get to the point where it is self-multiplying and irreversible.

Winchester District Strategic Partnership High Quality Environment Group invited representatives from parish councils to a consultation meeting “Climate Change – the opportunity” on 23 April 2009. The seminar aimed to brief parish councillors about the Winchester District Strategic Partnership Climate Change Action Plan, and consulting on the role of parish councils in tackling climate change.

The meeting discussed the evidence about climate change, the effect of human actions, and the sort of changes it will be necessary to make.  To find out more, contact Steve Lincoln at Winchester City Council - or 01962 848110.