If you are local and active on climate change, WinACC can offer you:
  • free loan of equipment eg projector, screens (small and large), tables etc - see list and order form.
  • free loan activities and game, from “’Tin Can Alley’ for summer fairs to ‘Carbon Conversation’ board games – see order form.
  • free energy monitors on loan to run your own scheme loan scheme
  • workshops, speakers and facilitators on climate change topics (donation to cover costs if possible)
  • “blueprints” of things that other groups have done, such as ‘open house’ and ‘swapshops’

                       Methodology of the Poets Estate Energy Reduction Study
                       How to run an open GreenHouse event

  •  opportunities to meet active people/groups from other villages and parts of the Winchester district 
  • publicity – we’ll advertise your events in our newsletter and website.
  • lots of leaflets on energy saving in the home, and cutting the carbon footprint of our travel – see list and order form
  • a few films on DVD to borrow, and advice on what films you could show
  • a free lending library of books with a climate change theme, both fiction and fact.