The Council has finalised the Design Brief for the Station Approach area and the Design Competition has started.

See the Design Brief, and see what WinACC has said about the importance of designing the station area for low-carbon.

Winchester City Council has invited interested architects firms to send in a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

Council Officers will shortlist up to five firms by assessing the financial standing of the firms along with their past experience in projects of a similar nature and relevant references. 

Winchester City Council will then send these selected forms an Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS). The firms will have 5 weeks to put together their outline solutions for discussion.

Winchester City Council then has a period of ‘competitive dialogue’ with the firms to guide them with the development of their outline solutions in to Best and Final Offers (BAFOs).

Once the competitive dialogue stage has ended, there will be a period of 4 weeks for the firms to put their BAFOs together.

Winchester City Council says: 

"These will be assessed to check they will achieve commercial viability and that the proposals conform with the requirements of the Design Brief. The weighting of this element will be 40%.

These designs will then be assessed by a separate Design Jury and the weighting of this element will be 60%.  

The designs that are presented to the jury will be anonymised and during the period of these deliberations the designs will also be exhibited publicly.

Folowing the completion of the Design Jury process, the scores from this element will be added to the scores already compiled for conformity with the brief and a ‘winning’ bid identified.

We will be taking a report to a special meeting of Cabinet on 29th March 2016 with the result of the competition in order for Cabinet to decide whether to appoint a practice to then proceed with the design development."