Switch supplier

You could save money by switching to another energy supplier or to a different tariff. 

GoCompare.com says that about half of the people who used their website received a price saving of at least £286 for switching energy supplier for both gas and electricity (1st January - 31st March 2015). 

Before you start you need details of your existing tariff and energy consumption to hand. You’ll find these on your latest gas and electricity bills.

Use price comparison websites – or phone them up. Make sure you deselect the option to “show only those tariffs I can switch to today” (the ones they make money from). Examples are:

Switch Tariff

Tariffs which include any or all of the following are likely to save you money:

  • Dual Fuel – getting gas and electricity on one tariff can save you up to 20%
  • Pay by Direct Debit
  • Manage your account online
  • Things to watch out for
    • Penalties – some fixed tariffs impose a charge if you leave before the end of the contract
    • Customer service – the smaller energy companies typically do better at this than the ‘Big Six’

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