Local climate change activities and campaigns - not all by WinACC. You'll find national campaigns, for example on divestment from fossil fuels, under "National and global". See also "Winchester District organisations".


The Sheila McKechnie Foundation supports campaigners. Their site is the best place to look for training courses and general guidance on campaigns. 

These short campaign documents from their Campaign Central archive are immensely useful (though some of the facts may be a little out-of-date):

We are all looking for happiness and research shows that our sense of wellbeing and happiness is strongly linked to our feeling of being connected to people. Modern lifestyles do not lend themselves to getting to know your neighbours or colleagues well. 

On average, each person in the UK is responsible for the emission of the equivalent of around 12.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. However, carbon emissions per person in the Winchester district are about 12% higher than the national average, probably due to a higher standard of living.


WinACC's plan for the financial year 2017-2018 puts more emphasis on how we influence the infrastructure of Winchester District.

The Journey Hampshire workplaces project is working with businesses across Hampshire trying to get them traveling more sustainably. There are lots of ways they do this and many are specifically tailored to the organisation. Free service available to March 2017.

WinACC will be given the profits from the sales of "This changes everything", a conceptual album of original music on climate change, to be released on 3 June by Splendid Fred, The University of Winchester’s own record label. Please buy it when it's released - available on iTunes.

At our open meeting on 5 February 2016, people recommended the following top priorities for the year: 


WinACC's Cool Communities - have a good time and cut your carbon footprint by 2,500 kilos in six weeks. Buy the Cool Communities Handbook or find out more from coolcommunities@winacc.org.uk

What do the Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Islamic leaders from 20 countries, the Religious Society of Friends, and a rabbinic letter from 333 rabbis have in common? They are calling on us to take climate change seriously.

The 2016/2017 campaign to increase walking in Winchester District.

Hampshire Climate Action Network is an informal way for local groups to share ideas and collaborate. Meetings take place every six months and are open to people active on climate change in their community.  "Hampshire" includes the county and also Southampton and Portsmouth. See Hampshire Climate Action Network "constitution"Find out more by emailing HCAN@winacc.org.uk. The HCAN Facebook Group for people involved in climate change activities across Hampshire shares news and publicises events.

Connecting Kings Worthy is a two year SAVE project funded by Ofgem, the energy industry regulator, to research the best method of communicating energy reduction messages to the public.

WinACC is working with the SELFCITY project that is exploring ‘grassroots’ responses to climate change in the UK, Germany and Netherlands.


Winchester 2020 aims to influence the creation of a low carbon, sustainable Winchester city with high quality urban design. 


There are no forthcoming events in this category at present. Please see the all events page for more.

Local climate projects

This e-book argues that one of the key roles of education, whether at home or school, is to prepare young people for a future that will be very different from today. It is a practical book which outlines the key elements of a more green and sustainable future and how these can be explored with young people.

Contact WinACC for a customised inter-active talk or workshop, lasting 45 minutes or 2½ hours (your choice) on topics including:

Energy saving in the home