1. Basingstoke Green Week, Saturday 16 to Monday 25 September.
2. A public meeting on Air Pollution, following a recent study showing illegal levels of pollutants in Basingstoke.
3. A workshop to build your own solar powered charger.
4. The Big Green Science Night.

If you are a school or community group in the UK who want to make a difference to your local environment, you could be eligible for a free Woodland Trust tree pack.

WinACC lends equipment, publicity materials and all sorts of useful stuff for events and meeting free to groups in the district.

In this joint University/WinACC lecture on 14 July 2015 in the ‘Is it the answer?’ series on climate change, Tony Stoller, the Chair of WinACC, explored the role of public opinion in ensuring effective action on climate change.

The then DECC Minister Greg Barker and local MP Steve Brine came to hear about Cool Communities from people who've been piloting this exciting new programme for WinACC in June 2014.

Plenty of things, including renewable energy. download WinACC's updated guidance to Parish Councils 2013


In late January 2016, Winchester Action on Climate Change commissioned an energy assessment survey on behalf of a local, modern, community hall. The survey aimed to identify any energy wastage and actions which could be carried out to improve energy efficiency and conservation.

WinACC depends on volunteers for its work. We have volunteering opportunities whatever your skills and however much time you have to give.

Local climate change groups are sometimes very active, sometimes less so - but they are always keen to hear from anyone in their area who’d like to be on their mailing list or get involved.

Updated 6 Dec 2017

Using your influence is potentially the most powerful way you can combat climate change. Spread the word among family, friends and colleagues. And remember that governments and businesses do take notice of what their voters and customers want - make your voice heard!

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Local climate change activities and campaigns - not all by WinACC. You'll find national campaigns, for example on divestment from fossil fuels, under "National and global". See also "Winchester District organisations".


There are no forthcoming events in this category at present. Please see the all events page for more.

Local climate change groups

More people are getting involved in the fight against climate change. During the Iron Press 40th Anniversary on 19 May 2013 a church choir at the Cullercoats Fishermans' Mission sung about the different ways in which we can cut our carbon footprint.

To view the video click here.

Greening Fulflood produced these useful documents full of practical advice after organising a successful Open Green House event.

Contact WinACC for a customised inter-active talk or workshop, lasting 45 minutes or 2½ hours (your choice) on topics including:

Energy saving in the home

In 2011/2012, Greening Fulflood ran an Energy reduction study in the Poets estate with a view to encouraging energy saving. A copy of the methodology used may be useful for other groups planning a similar study

Written in an engaging and readable style, this practical guide is a must for both beginners and seasoned professionals. The step-by-step game plan will transform speech-making from a teeth-chattering ordeal to a rewarding experience that can benefit any career and company.