To create a sustainable Winchester, new developments must meet WinACC's criteria on:
1) Development Location, Density & Orientation.
2) Building Design
3) Embedded Carbon & Materials Selection
4) Energy Generation, Supply & Export
5) Transport & Civic Amenities

See here for full details of WinACC's position on new developments.


A local farmer on the boundary of Oliver's Battery and Hursley has been granted planning permission for a battery storage scheme. More

WinACC supported the bid, writing to the planners saying:

"A great talk showing that new housing can be good for the environment and commercially successful!” said the Mayor.

WinACC Built Environment Group - along with the City of Winchester Trust - addresses planning and development issues including Barton Farm, the Pitt Manor development, the need for a planning “framework” for Winchester station and its surroundings, and WinACC’s position on new developments.

We can use the demand for extra housing to improve Winchester city if we look for areas that need improving, and locate attractive new housing and small business spaces in those parts of our city.

Winchester City Council published "Plans for Places" in response to the Blueprint consultation in 2011, Plans for Places set out the proposed development strategies for the District, suggested where and how much development should be planned for up to 2031.


We believe that these ten principles should define the future development of Winchester.
We hope they stimulate your thoughts on this subject at the meeting on 6 November.

We want a sustainable, enjoyable and socially fair city that retains its historic urban characteristics within its remarkable landscape setting.

More than this, though, we want a city that looks to the future as well as the past (as it always has done), recognising the inescapable pressures for change and the social need for development, but harnessing them to enhance the life and...

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See also our vision of a sustainable Winchester, our pages on local building developments and on the Local Plan, on air pollution, walkingcycling and other aspects of transport.