WinACC looks to all political parties to commit to Britain’s leadership role on climate change and spell out what that means in their election manifestos. Download the full document which is summarised below.

Greenpeace have just found out that the government is about to attack solar power yet again. Unbelievably, ministers are planning to hit schools and businesses that invest in solar power with huge tax hikes.

The divisions caused by the EU referendum make it more important than ever for us all to unite behind our shared environment. 

As the Americans were voting to make Donald Trump the next President of the USA, Winchester Action on Climate Change’s meeting was looking at the implications for local people of changes across the world.

Last week, 10:10 kicked off its Blown Away campaign with a petition demanding that fossil fuels are not given more financial support than clean, renewable onshore wind.

Together Greenpeace and its supporters are going to take the government to court.  Are you in?

Greenpeace reports that this has been the hottest year in 115,000 years; Arctic ice levels are near rock bottom; yet Theresa May just approved a runway at Heathrow which could fuel even more climate change. "It’s beyond a joke". reports that the think-tank Oil Change International have recalculated the mathematics of climate change. The basic gist is this: oil and gas fields and coal mines already in production contain enough carbon to carry us past the two degree mark.

In a March report "Home energy efficiency and demand reduction", The Energy and Climate Change Committee say that the Government must do more to reduce consumer gas and electricity bills by improving the energy efficiency of new and existing homes - including reinstating

The Centre for Sustainable Energy are seeking applicants aged 14-17 to take part in the Bright Green Future programme, starting September 2016. The deadline for applications is Sunday 17 July.



Write to your MP, sign a petition, ask questions, demonstrate -- make your voice heard on climate change

Half the global population – around 3.5 billion people – are responsible for only around 10% of total global emissions attributed to individual consumption yet live overwhelmingly in the countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Divesting from fossil fuel, the price of oil, the profits from fossil fuel, and other climate change aspects of the global economy

The Paris Climate Conference 2015 from 30 November to 11 December (otherwise known as COP21) achieved a new international agreement on the climate. WinACC Chair Tony Stoller writes: "The Paris Accord on climate change is a terrific achievement. For 195 countries to agree that action is essential and urgent  reflects the efforts of citizens across the world - including here in Winchester and district.  Of course, Paris on its own isn't nearly enough. We all need to continue and redouble our work to make sure that what has been said is now done, locally, nationally and internationally."

National and global

PWC, the UK member firm working in international commercial consultancy, states

Addressing climate change is an important goal in its own right but, as this report and illustrated guide demonstrate, it can also help address some of the greatest economic and social challenges facing our country.

A provocative new film, ‘Beyond the Tipping Point?’ explores how we imagine the future in the face of impending environmental crisis and how this affects the way we respond

Recent research shows that people are unclear about what causes climate change. On 9 October, the Government launched its first ever public information announcement confirming the existence of climate change and its man-made origin.


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People who are upset about something are more likely to write to their MP than people who are content about it. The result is that MP's postbags don't reflect the real balance of views in the population.