HAB Housing have asked us to draw the following announcement to your attention. Whilst WinACC is happy to help advertise this offer, please note WinACC is of course not able to give financial advice and investors must satisfy themselves that any investment made is appropriate to their personal circumstances.

The Journey Hampshire workplaces project is working with businesses across Hampshire trying to get them traveling more sustainably. There are lots of ways they do this and many are specifically tailored to the organisation. Free service available to March 2017.

Winchester BID is looking to make better use of spare company parking in Winchester by making it available through to 9 million users of RingGo.

For the next few months the University of Southampton is offering free training in sustainable hairdressing. A small salon putting the training into practice could use 24150 kwh less energy, 143,000 litres less water and save over £5000 a year!

Banks and regulators around the world are putting growing pressure on companies.

Local climate change charity Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) expects at an audience of at least 50 at its coming public meeting on Tuesday 10 November at the University of Winchester’s West Downs Campus at 7.30. 

The University of Southampton's School of Management is delighted to be receiving funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to embed sustainable issues into hairdressing training courses.

Winchester City Council could be about to go into banking in support of local businesses.

The Council is considering financial support of £250,000 to become a founding member of the Hampshire Community Bank along with other local authorities.

Winchester has signalled its interest in contributing to the £14m equity needed to set up the bank if certain conditions are met.

Almost 100 people were excited to hear Alice Hooker-Stroud of the renowned Centre for Alternative Technology show that we really can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030 without reducing our standard of living, or inventing new technologies.

Download CAT's Zero Carbon Britain report.



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More businesses are being urged to join a scheme which is helping to make Winchester District a greener, cleaner place to live and work.

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Winchester Low Carbon Board, and the organisations that shape Winchester District, including decisions, consultations and policies from Winchester City Council.

Business and the green economy

This is brilliant short film available on YouTube that rattles through the economic issues and proposed solution.

Lots of material on low carbon faming including case studies and films on the  Soil Association website

A work of seminal importance, this book presents Ivan Illich's penetrating analysis of the industrial mode of production which characterises our contemporary world.