WinACC's response to the Winchester District Transport Statement consultation in 2012 is in the three attachments below:

  1. Our response to the main document, section by section, where we comment on the main principles and shape of what is proposed.
  2. An annotated version of the list of schemes, where we comment on individual schemes.
  3. An annotated version of the Winchester District Cycle Strategy which identifies which schemes seem to have been carried forward into the transport statement, and which have not. We hope this will help the Council address the anomalies.

The priorities suggested in the consultation were admirably green:

  • encouragement for walking, cycling, and more use of public transport
  • an intention to find ways of reducing traffic levels and dependency on car use
  • an acknowledgement of the importance of reducing transport emissions
  • a concern to reduce the harmful impact of traffic congestion on Winchester

It is a pity that many good proposals on the list are not funded and may not be carried out for up to 10 years. The county council have not yet been able to develop a mix of schemes to reflect these priorities:

  • a very high proportion of the proposed expenditure will go on schemes that will encourage traffic growth
  • a very low proportion is proposed for spending on schemes to make it easier and safer to cycle and walk
  • very little will be spent on schemes to make it easier to use public transport.