Greener Travel

WinACC is encouraging people to find ways to get about that are less harmful to the environment through the GreenerTravel project, funded by HCC through Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Greener Travel consists of the Greener Travel Club, GreenerTravel parties and Greener Travel stalls at community events.

The Greener Travel Club is an electronic mailing at least monthly with news and tips about travel e.g. new bus routes, an on-line travel diary to measure your travel footprint. Anyone can sign up for this by emailing

Greener Travel parties are social events with a structured, channelled discussion for 8-16 people about options to reduce car use. Handouts provide facts about eco-driving, reducing car miles, replacing the car, long distance travel, trains, buses, cycling, travel to school, workplace travel, the carbon emissions of travel, how to get to Europe by train, and a travel diary.

These handouts can also be seen as text on the website by following the links on our Greener Travel Factsheets page.

Please host a Greener Travel party. WinACC produces all the resources and facilitation; the host has to invite people and, if possible, a venue and refreshments (these can be organised by WinACC if the host can’t do so).

At the Greener Travel stalls, a “Tin Can Alley” game to knock down cans identifies higher emission travel options. Come and have a go, or help us run the stall.

9 September - Farmers' Market stall

19 September: Big Greener Travel Day (during In Town Without Your Car week)

Prizes are also welcome (small e.g. lollipops, balloons).