6k Volunteer_Policy_Dec 2012.pdf200.69 KB
6f Harassment, bullying and victimisation policy Dec 2012.pdf95.26 KB
6a Child & vulnerable adult policy.pdf197.17 KB
15 Trustee_forward_programme_2013_01_28.pdf72.92 KB
10c Transport_group_action_register_2012DEC.pdf225.96 KB
7a WinACC_BusPlan_2013-2014 full v1.pdf165.48 KB
6h Home_Working_Policy_Dec 2012.pdf175.67 KB
6c Expenses_Policy_Dec 2012.pdf194.53 KB
5a 2012-13 Income and expenditure forecast based on 31 DEC 2012 revised 2013_01_28.pdf302.45 KB
Declaration of Interests Form.pdf224.48 KB
11 Risk register 2013_01_20_0.pdf97.42 KB
9 Report from Director report v1.pdf406.71 KB
6j _Sickness_absence Dec 2012.pdf177 KB
6e Grievance_procedure_Dec 2012.pdf155.2 KB
6 Human resources policy review.pdf6.73 KB
WinACC_BusPlan_2013-2014 full v1.pdf165.36 KB
12b trustee_minutes_2012_10_08 sent.pdf97.56 KB
10b STAP report.pdf75.18 KB
6l Contract_of_Employment_Dec 2012.pdf258.77 KB
6g Health_and_Safety_Policy_Dec 2012.pdf155.59 KB
6b Confidentiality_Policy Dec 2012.pdf42.33 KB
trustee_agenda_2013_01_28_v1.pdf19.11 KB
11 Risk register 2013_01_20.pdf97.42 KB
8 Update on incorporation of WinACC.pdf166.03 KB
6i Staff_Appraisal_template Dec 2012.pdf190.92 KB
6d Gifts_Hospitality_and_Conflicts_of_Interest_Policy_Dec 2012.pdf197.31 KB
5b WinACC income and expenditure and cash flow forecast 2013-2014 2013_01_28.pdf194.2 KB
trustee_mins_2013_01_28_v3.pdf97.17 KB
12a trustee_mins_2012_08_28_v4.pdf99.21 KB
10a report from Strategy & Policy committee.pdf87.3 KB