WinACC action groups engage people on topics they feel strongly about, to turn WinACC's vision into reality. See sample terms of reference.

WinACC’s action groups are an important way to get involved in making a difference. Contact an action group direct to find out more - more below.

Local community groups on climate change 

As well as WinACC topic-based action groups, local groups across the district come and go. Contact WinACC if you want to set up a group or find out if there's a group in your area. WinACC offers:

  • free loan of equipment eg projector, screens (small and large), tables etc - see list and order form.
  • free loan of activities and games such as “’Tin Can Alley’ for summer fairs  – see order form.
  • free energy monitors to lend
  • our "Trash to Treasure" exhibition showing alternatives to throwing stuff away
  • a display of measures to save energy at home, from remote swtiches to insultation
  • a display of low energy and LED lightbulbs
  • workshops, speakers and facilitators on climate change topics
  • ideas about successful activities from other groups
  • opportunities to meet active people/groups from other parts of the Winchester district
  • publicity – we’ll advertise your events in our newsletter and website.
  • supplies of leaflets on energy saving in the home and cutting the carbon footprint of our travel – see list and order form
  • a few films on DVD to borrow, and advice on what films you could show
  • a free lending library of books with a climate change theme, both fiction and fact.

The Better Buildings Action Group

The Better Buildings Action Group is dormant. Its mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of existing homes and community buildings in Winchester District, including both retrofit and renewable generation. 

There's plenty to be done but not enough people with time to help. If you might be interested - even just to run one event - please get in touch. Contact / 01962 827083.

The Built Environment Action Group

The Built Environment Group seeks to influence the built environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both direct and indirect. It works with the Council on planning policy, and with the City of Winchester Trust in the Winchester 2020 Group to influence new developments such as Barton Farm.

Meets at 7.30pm on the first Monday (except for bank holidays) of even-numbered months, combined with the WinACC Transport Action Group to focus on planning policy and large-scale developments.


The Built Environment Action Group is chaired by Sue Turner.

The Community Engagement Group

This Group focuses on the best ways to engage people to take action on climate change, so that people across Winchester district to work together to create a lower carbon district.

Meets 6.00pm, usually on the 2nd Thursday of alternate two months. Click here for more information on the group's work. Contact

James Martin-Jones chairs this group.

Incredible Edible (Food Action) Group

The Food Action Group priorities, by the end of the year :

  • To set up and maintain the edible planters at the station and at key points around the city, creating awareness of seasonal food and developing peoples interest in the group’s activities.
  • Identify and work with local communities in Winchester district to help them set up their own food growing.
  • Carry out events to raise awareness of the carbon footprint of food, the importance of eating local and seasonal food.
  • Promote Love Food Hate Waste and work with Hampshire County Councils food waste and composting campaign as champions

Clare Shorter The chair is Clare Shorter. Contact

The Renewable Energy Action Group

The Renewable Energy Action Group aims to get more large-scale renewable energy generation in Winchester District.

Meets on 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6.30.

Richard Ritchie Richard Ritchie chairs the Renewable Energy Action Group. Contact

The Science and Technology Advisory Panel

  • provides up-to-date information, advice and documentation on scientific and technological matters to WinACC
  • works with other WinACC groups in areas of mutual interest where STAP’s scientific knowledge and opinion is useful
  • reviews information from WinACC such as presentations and web materials for scientific accuracy
  • publishes on climate change

Meets at 7.30 pm on the third Tuesday of alternate months.  Contact or read the panel's terms of reference for more information.

 The Science and Technology Advisory Panel is chaired by Brian Shorter.

The Transport Action Group

The Transport Action Group aims to cut emissions from transport, especially the private car and flying. We lobby for better public transport, more attention to walking and cycling, and to reduce the adverse effects of traffic in the city by having more shared space, reducing the speed limit and parking in the centre of town, and improving provision for pedestrians and cyclists.

Meets 7.30 on 1st Monday of the month - alternate meetings are joint with the Built Environment Group to look at wider planning matters. Contact

The Waste Action Group

The Waste Action Group aims to promote the ethos of  'Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Dispose' in terms of waste. 

 The objectives for 2014/15 are:

  1. Awareness of the current facilities & promoting the current process
  2. Influencing & working with the council(s) to improve the recycling facilities in Winchester District so a greater proportion of waste is recycled
  3. Promoting the most environmentally responsible solutions to waste disposal
The group meets monthly at 6.30 on the first Tuesday of the month. Contact if you would like to take part.
  The Waste Action Group is chaired by James Miller.