The Built Environment and Transport Action Group meets 6.00 to 7.30 on the last Monday of each month.  Contact us at

Our mission is to create a sustainable Winchester District with the lowest possible carbon footprint from development and transport, direct and indirect. 

Some of our transport activities, past and present:

  • publicising our Transport Vision for Winchester
  • preparing position statements on transport issues and publishing our views, includng a framework for a public transport strategy for the district
  • identifying improvements to walking routes, in particular the route between Winchester railway station and the High St. as an exemplar
  • collaborating with the City Council and Cycle Working Group to achieve the  City Cycling Strategy
  • promoting 20 mile per hour areas and shared space
  • monitoring cycle parking and traffic levels in the City Centre
  • arguing for improved bus and train services and interconnectivity
  • influencing the Winchester Station Plan to improve walking, cycling and buses
  • encouraging school and workplace travel planning, includng being explicit  that carbon reduction is an objective of Workplace and School Travel Plans
  • undertaking a regular public parking survey which has shown that there are always at least 1500 parking spaces (or some 30% of all spaces) available in public parking areas;  encouraging reductions in the number of public parking spaces in Winchester town (within the walls)
  • identifying improvements to parking policy and management such as a lower charge for parking areas outside the City Centre, to achieve more use of spaces in Park and Ride and less in the town centre
  • undertaking a private non-residential parking survey which counted some 6600 cars parked in commercial areas within walking distance of the City Centre on a weekday .
  • identifying potential improvements to traffic management and signing for consideration to reduce traffic levels and congestion and improve air quality as well as reducing carbon emissions
  • providing comments to the City Council on the Local Plan and developing WinACC criteria evaluating proposals for development
  • establishing and publicizing greenhouse gas emission data for different forms of travel by Winchester residents and workers.
  • researching the likely impact of car reduction on the local economy
  • influencing people to drive less through the 2012 Greener Travel project, funded by HCC through Local Sustainable Transport Fund.