WinACC is dedicated to combating climate change and inspiring sustainable living. We work collaboratively with residents, businesses and policymakers to cut the carbon footprint of the Winchester District.

Since our beginning in 2007, we have sought to influence behaviour change at the grassroots and policymaker levels with some notable successes including a number of community projects and the priority given to climate change by Winchester City Council (WCC). We have built a trusted reputation for authoritative, independent, evidence-based advice such as the annual reports by Professor Bob Whitmarsh (commissioned by WinACC for WCC) analysing greenhouse gas emissions in Winchester District. The most recent report highlights the challenging nature of Winchester District meeting the WCC acknowledged target of a 40% reduction in emissions (from a 2004 baseline) by 2020.

However, while the changes needed may be ambitious, by working in partnership we are confident we can make great progress. WinACC’s experience provides a firm foundation to develop a range of actions across the sustainable development agenda to help reconnect people to the issues and put Winchester District firmly on the sustainable living map.

Our current strategic aims embrace the three main elements to our work:


To reach out to and inspire action across the community, business and public sectors within Winchester District


To provide sustainable living advice and assistance to a wide portfolio of clients within and beyond Winchester District


To be recognised for our leadership, sound guidance and range of influence by decision makers across Winchester District

Together, we can create a better quality of life for all.

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