We are a local environmental organisation that ‘thinks globally’ but ‘starts locally.’

Our Action Groups provide an opportunity for volunteers to join forces to support sustainable living on a topic that really interests them as an individual.  Join us to make a difference to where you live.

Built environment & Transport

Our mission in the WinACC Built Environment and Transport Action Group is to create a sustainable Winchester District with the lowest possible carbon footprint from building developments and transport, direct and indirect.

Community engagement group

As part of our endeavours in winning hearts and minds, the role of this group is to help support WinACC’s activities in engaging with communities and individuals to cut their own carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of lower carbon living.

Incredible Edibles

As the WinACC Food Action Group (‘Incredible Edible Winchester’), we support people to eat a more sustainable diet as there is a clear connection between food production and climate change.


We promote renewable energy by working with the City Council to establish an overview of the potential for the accelerated development of reliable supplies of renewable energy in Winchester


We are a group of engineers and scientists with either a background or interest in the environment.  Many of us have been actively involved with WInACC for a number of years.


We promote low carbon waste management in Winchester District by encouraging waste reduction, reuse and recycling in order to reduce the district’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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