As part of our endeavours in winning hearts and minds, the role of this group is to help support WinACC’s activities in engaging with communities and individuals to cut their own carbon footprint and enjoy the benefits of lower carbon living. This includes:

  • Reaching different sections of the Winchester District community and raising awareness of the actions that people can take to reduce their emissions.
  • Supporting people across the district to work together in groups, including neighbourhood groups and groups that share a common interest.
  • Building a sense of community among people and groups who share our aims.

“Communities” includes local neighbourhood groups, and communities of interest such as businesses and churches.


  1. To plan the annual programme of community engagement activities and monitor progress towards completing that plan.
  2. To identify and contact different groups and organisations with a view to offering them a talk or a meeting as a prelude to building a partnership or starting joint activities.
  3. To support creative ways to raise WinACC’s profile and reach out to the wider public.
  4. To manage the resources (including talks and activities) required to offer groups in the district.
  5. To deliver or facilitate the delivery of talks or activities to the groups concerned.
  6. To find opportunities to promote the Cool Communities handbook.

Community activities

  • Support WinACC action groups to help them with outreach.
  • Promote the Cool Communities handbook.
  • Support for local neighbourhood groups (if and when they form).


  • Creating meeting opportunities and invitations to speak for WinACC representatives.
  • Arrange times and requirements for subsequent talks and meetings.
  • Following up through developing partnerships and/or joint activities.


  • Managing and creating (as required) resources required for talks and activities.
  • Creating and managing a contact database of groups and organisations.


  • Recruiting and developing a roster of speakers on a variety of subjects relating to climate change
  • Offering training and support for WinACC speakers


We are keen to keep up-to date with the wider context of working with communities and the latest thinking about communicating, including thinking about the economy, growth, low carbon communities, as well as the best ways of influencing and/or supporting people to cut their carbon footprints.

If you are interested in supporting environmental change through community engagement and positive messaging why not join us.

Get in touch at or on 01962 827083.

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