We promote renewable energy by working with the City Council to establish an overview of the potential for the accelerated development of reliable supplies of renewable energy in Winchester district over the next twenty years; and with the local authorities and SEEDA to establish a strategy for realising that potential.

As a group, we aim to:-

  • To help to develop the pool of expertise available to WinACC and the City Council on the policy, technical and economic aspects of renewables.
  • To offer advice and support to the City Council in the formation of a programme of professional development and training in all aspects of renewable energy – including issues of public perception and acceptability.
  • To examine the feasibility of establishing one or more Community Interest Companies and/or ESCOs to help accelerate the development of renewables.
  • To support and initiate local renewable energy projects and build links to achieve this with both the public and private sectors.

The Group’s activities in the Winchester district will not be limited by the foregoing.

If you are passionate about renewable energy and want to be part of a growing movement of local people, get in touch on contactus@winacc.org.uk

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