WinACC now offers services to businesses and other organisations looking to save money and become more sustainable.  Opportunities abound for businesses to cut costs and gain a competitive edge by improving the environmental credentials of their operations.

Waste consultancy

Although waste and recycling is an obvious opportunity, consideration also needs to be given to the procurement end, ensuring that goods are sourced in a sustainable manner.  WinACC has in-house expertise to support small- to medium-sized organisations (SMEs) looking to minimise the impact of their business operations and benefit the bottom line.

Energy consultancy for businesses

Every organisation uses energy for their operations.  SMEs and third-sector organisations typically lack expertise in keeping a lid on energy costs, whether through selecting competitive energy tariffs or managing on-site energy use.  WinACC’s consultants can provide expert advice on all issues relating to energy efficiency, conservation and tariffs.

Energy consultancy for building professionals

As part of its home energy services, WinACC offers consultancy to building professionals such as architects and engineers.  Our consultants can provide independent advice to help oversee the energy-related aspects of building projects, for example renewable energy alternatives and options for low-energy heating and hot water provision.

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