We are able to offer energy management services to businesses, public and third-sector organisations operating in the Winchester District.

The service is intended to help organisations identify where they are wasting energy, helping to cut costs and reduce associated carbon emissions.  A proportion of the charges will be donated to WinACC.

Energy survey

Our energy survey is an on-site assessment of energy usage within a specific property.  In conjunction with an audit of energy consumption, the survey identifies opportunities for energy conservation and potential improvements to energy efficiency.  An energy survey can be a cost-effective solution for smaller organisations, or organisations where a specific problem with energy use has been identified.  In cold weather, a visual survey can be supplemented with a thermal imaging survey to identify deficiencies in insulation and draughtproofing within the premises.

Ongoing energy management

For larger organisations, outsourcing energy management can be a much more cost-effective alternative to employing an energy manager.  An ongoing presence can assist with resolving unforeseen technical problems, implementing upgrades and overcoming barriers to change with an organisation.  Even a small commitment of a few hours a month can help an organisation maintain a longer-term focus on energy and carbon reduction goals.

Carbon footprinting

To complement either of the above services, or as a standalone piece of work, WinACC can work with your organisation to calculate its carbon footprint – a measure of its emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.  Establishing your organisation’s carbon footprint can act as a foundation for a strategy to reduce energy consumption or carbon emissions more generally.

For more information, contact us at contact@winacc.org.uk or on 01962 827083.

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