WinACC is pleased to provide help for homeowners and tenants to save energy in their homes.

In conjunction with Andy Smale, WinACC’s home energy consultant and owner of local energy consultancy Expert Energy, WinACC is able to offer a number services.  Expert Energy donates 10% of takings for referrals from WinACC to us – please mention WinACC if you contact Expert Energy directly.

Home energy survey

The home energy survey provides an all-round assessment of household energy use and identifies opportunities for improvements, including:

  • heating/hot water generation distribution and control
  • insulation
  • ventilation
  • draughtproofing
  • lighting
  • appliances
  • energy bills
  • renewable energy generation

A report will be provided in PDF format detailing findings and recommendations.  Where appropriate, indicative costs and savings are provided, along with an explanation of any government financial incentives available at the time.  A series of separate pre-written PDF guides provide background information to support the information in the main report.

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Thermal imaging survey

Thermal imaging is a great way to find out exactly where heat is being lost around your home.  Draughts, cold air infiltration and gaps in insulation coverage are brought to life in the images captured, and improvement work can be targeted using objective evidence rather than educated guesswork.

The thermal imaging survey is only available during the colder months of the year (typically November through to April).

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New-build consultancy

For building projects including new-builds, large extensions and complete refurbishments Expert Energy offers a bespoke consultancy service.  The areas for assessment are as for the home energy survey as above, but with more emphasis on the core issues of insulation specification, airtightness, solar gain, heating design and the potential to integrate renewable energy technologies.

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We are able to provide information and support on technical and planning matters to help communities along the process of implementing a local renewable energy project.  For more information contact WinACC at

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