Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council are developing a Movement Strategy which will shape how we get about the City for a generation.

‘The Movement Strategy will set out an agreed vision and long term goals for traffic and transport improvements in Winchester over the next 20 to 30 years. It will provide a framework from which detailed proposals and specific target measures can be developed.’ (Hampshire County Council)

After consultation in 2017 and early 2018,  the final consultation on the Movement Strategy started in November 2018 to invite people to choose among a small number of high level “options” or approaches to traffic reduction in Winchester. The final Movement Strategy is to be adopted by both councils in 2019.

Once there is a strategy for movement around Winchester city, it should be easier for our local authorities to secure funding from Government and elsewhere to implement the changes needed to turn the strategy into reality.

We at WinACC are working to influence this important vision for Winchester’s future, both as a stakeholder organisation and by encouraging the community to respond to public consultations. Our Built Environment and Transport Action Group is leading this work for us. We have held several public meetings to discuss the best way forward for a sustainable, lower carbon, healthier city.

In conjunction with the City of Winchester Trust, a public meeting was held on the 1 December 2018. The aim was to inform the public what was in the proposed strategy and encourage responses.  A detailed outline of the meeting can be read here.

To keep upto date on what’s been done, and future activity, on movement and traffic on our news pages at https://www.winacc.org.uk/news/

Find out more and take part in the consultation here

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