The Great Waste – a year-long joint project with Winchester City Council – showed people the value of waste and how to reduce the amount of waste they produced.

Winchester households were only sending 34% of their rubbish to be recycled when a figure of 70% was possible.

Our record-breaking exhibition ‘Trash To Treasure’ was held at Winchester Discovery Centre in 2015, attracting over 5,000 visitors. The exhibition demonstrated how people around the world take things we throw away such as old car tyres, drinks cans and plastic packaging to make things they need, from bags and buckets to toys and treasures.

Well-attended workshops showed children how to make jewellery, dinosaurs and clocks by recycling stuff that would otherwise have gone into the bin. A ‘Repair Café’ proved successful in showing people how to mend and repair, whilst ‘Swap & Swish’ events encouraged attendees to give away things they no longer needed in exchange for something that they did.

Our six evening talks with expert speakers on the theme of ‘Stuff or Happiness’ were very well-attended. Our competition ‘ReDesign’ was also very popular, receiving over 100 entries and exhibited at Winchester Guildhall to round off our year of activities.

Projects such as the Great Waste have enabled us to gain a wide experience in not just waste management but how to engage the public in positive change.

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