WinACC acts as an adviser to Winchester City Council (WCC) on sustainability matters.

This role includes policy advice and support to members and officers to implement low carbon decisions and secretariat services for the Low Carbon Board.

In January 2018, WinACC was invited to sit on the Sustainability Advisory Panel for WCC’s new Sport and Leisure Centre project. The panel was established to help inform aspects of the project such as energy use, sustainability and transport during RIBA Stage 3 (part of the main UK model for the building, design and construction process).

The Sustainability Advisory Panel was attended by members of the design team appropriate to the issue being considered, primarily the mechanical and electrical designers, transport consultants and other relevant members of the team.  WinACC’s Executive Director and an independent energy consultant also sat on the panel. The panel considered and advised on issues relating to energy use, sustainability and transport. Its findings were reported to the Leisure Centre WCC Cabinet Committee to agree and to instruct the design team. Changes were made to the project plans as a result of the panel’s discussions.

If you would like advice and support to improve the sustainability of your organisations please or contact us on 01962 827083 to find out about our consultancy services.

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