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The Phase Two Consultation on the new City of Winchester Movement Strategy opened on 19 November and runs till 13 January 2019. The Movement Strategy aims to shape how we get about the City for a generation. It is being developed by Hampshire County Council in liaison with Winchester City Council.

The strategy and consultation questionnaire, with background briefings, are at 

The priorities in the proposed strategy are:

  1. Reduce [Winchester] City Centre traffic
  2. Support healthier lifestyle choices (less air pollution and active transport)
  3. Invest in infrastructure to support sustainable growth.

Rather than asking people to choose between high level options, the consultation concentrates on what the Strategy should achieve. It seeks views on various proposals and ways of implementing the Strategy.

The consultation also links to research which shows some surprising and interesting facts. For example, through traffic (in other words, that which starts and ends its journey outside town) is only 7% of the total. This implies that we could achieve a major reduction by concentrating on the other 93%.

How is WinACC responding?

WinACC’s Built Environment and Transport Action Group members are looking at the consultation in detail, to help prepare the full WinACC response. We intend to publish WinACC’s draft response here before Christmas for your comment. Meanwhile, please send us your ideas to feed into the draft by emailing by 8 December.

Some first thoughts about the emerging Strategy.

Much in it is positive:

  • It implies that solutions need to be bold.
  • The vision and priorities are well chosen, broadly in line with WinACC’s earlier transport vision.
  • The paper is right to make the reduction of traffic in the City Centre the first and top priority, without which other changes will not be possible.
  • We agree that the volume of traffic limits the quality of the City Centre.
  • We support the suggestions about linking this strategy into the Local Plan [].
  • It is good to have proposals for bus priority measures and bus quality partnerships.
  • It is good to mention Transport Plans, provided they are implemented and successful.

Some initial suggestions for improvement:

  • Add the impacts of climate change as a big reason for effective speedy action.
  • “Supporting” healthier lifestyle choices is important. However, we suggest that it is particularly important to “encourage” healthier lifestyle choices for those most vulnerable – people whose health suffers because they are heavily dependent on cars, breathe in the worst air pollution, and get too little exercise.
  • Invest in infrastructure to support zero-carbon, clean growth. Rather than referring to “sustainable growth”, it would be more appropriate to refer to “environmentally sustainable growth”. The term “sustainable growth” on its own could be seen simply as “financially sustainable growth” which could apply to schemes that increase emissions / car use.
  • While we note the references to enhancing the strategic road network, we are concerned about how an increase in traffic will impact the 2030 climate change targets.
  • We would like to see more work on how to remove barriers to walking and cycling.
  • It would be good to include proposals for developing rail services so people can use trains instead of the car, especially from the Solent area.
  • Current major projects such as Central Winchester Regeneration, the Station Quarter and Winchester Sport and Leisure Centre are listed but we would like to see more analysis of threats and possibilities for the Movement Strategy.

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